Still Bill

Here we have a strange tale indeed, concerning of a belligerent steed.

Who stopped part way up a hill, here is the story of a horse named Bill.

All was well that sunny day, Bill was moving a cart full of hay,

When all at once he stood stock still, neither up nor down the hill.

He would not move for carrot or goad, he stood like a rock with his full cart load.

The carter said “come on my friend, the road is jammed from end to end!

Still Bill said nowt and stood and stood, the weaver said “that horse is no good!”

Then every driver right down the road, began to shout “move that damn load”

Bill did not care, he ignored their jibes, then the traders resorted to bribes,

Apples, buns and tasty treats all were offered for Bill to eat.

If only he would move that cart to finally allow the traders to depart.

Not one thing would persuade our Bill to end the stalemate on the hill.

Until a cloaked man appeared and whispered his secret in Bills ears,

“I know what makes horses giddy up! Get some ginger and put it up…”

The stranger did not get to the end, Bill bolted away from his new friend,

Through the carts and down the road, he hurtled with his hay-load!

And to this day Bill will never stop until he reaches any hill top.