The Smallest Small of them All

The Smallest Small of them all, did not grow big, did not grow tall

She chased those mouses night and day, but every one of them got away…

What could our poor kitty eat without a juicy mousey treat?

No wonder she is the smallest small, she could not catch a mouse at all


“All right!” thought she, “I’ll set a trap and catch a mousey snap, snap, snap!”

But the mouse was smarter still, and crept up to the trap until…

He was close enough to use his toe, to spring the trap & take the bait “to go”

“I will have to try again” thought small, “I simply cannot win them all”


“I will hide away under the bed, and lay in wait for the mouse instead”

The mouse gave one of his cheesey smiles, his sharp eyes could see her for miles!

He outran the small by far in his fancy remote control toy car!

“That’s it!” cried Small, “that mouse must die! I will dress myself as a tasty pie”


“When he comes to take a bite, I will leap and he will not have chance to fight.”

The mouse he smelled the pie and thought, “That’s homemade! not shop bought!”

“What I wouldn’t give for just one bite!” But as he approached he got a nasty fright…

“That pie has a tail! that can’t be tasty, it must be that Small hiding under the pastry!


The kitty was smart but our mouse was not flustered, He covered the pie and the cat all in custard!

The Small gave a yowl & burst out of the pie, the mouse gave a squeak “I did not know cats could fly!”

While the Small cleaned her fur from nose to tail end, the mouse ate his fill and took some for his friend.


“Two mice!” said the small, “If I could only catch one, I need a top plan, this battle is on!”

The Small thought of a plan to catch both of the mouses,

She would trap them in, and flood them out of their houses…

She filled up a basin and a jug with ice cold water glug, glug, glug.


She crept up quietly to the mouses hole and emptied the water from both jug and bowl.

The water rose like a tidal wave, but as we know those mice are brave!

They sped out of the hole one at a time, surfing on matchboxes, both were just fine!

“I can’t take anymore” sobbed the cat, “All I wanted was to be big and fat!”


“The Smallest Small I will have to stay” and sadly she turned and walked away

“Wait” said the mouse, “why didn’t you say, Instead of chasing me night and day?”

“I know ancient secrets of old mousen lore, to fatten you up from nose to paw!”

“Oh please!” Said the Small “I won’t chase you again”


“I am so skinny and tiny, it is becoming a pain,

All the other cats laugh and call me the Rake, I want to be bigger so they give me a break”

“Try some cheese” said the mouse, “It is tasty & nice, it will make your fur shiny, it is not just for mice”

It will make you grow big, fat, shiny and glossy, now she is Small no longer, they call her Fat Flossy.