6 feet under, soldiers dug
Wet, cold and caked with mud
Living in a trench eight days at a time
Crippled with trench foot, feet buried in slime
Tunnels and Mazes like Catacombs
Watch out for snipers you get head wounds.

‘Over-the-top lads, over-the-top’

This no man’s land, this shell- scarred battlefield
Death and wounds which will never heal
This grisly strip of churned up land
Tangled barbed wire to maim the hand.

Scattered bodies crawling with rats
Soldiers fighting hand to hand combat
A tot of rum to warm the heart
A letter from home, never to part
This war, this crazy war
Brave lads dying score by score.

You may ask-what was it all for.

Isobel Scott

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