The Tibuki

Some speak of a spirit all clothed in black, that drifts through their houses from the front to the back.
Some tell of goblin that eats their food, and leaves behind it a mess that Is really quite rude.
Some say it is a wisp that has a penchant for cream, but no one has seen it, it may be a dream.
Every house on the street has fallen victim, to the tricks of Tibuki, it is getting quite grim.
Fish have been taken but no culprit is seen, apart from strange footprints left on the front green.
Budgies are murdered while asleep in their cages, but none have seen the Tibuki, a creature of ages.
Beds of flowers in gardens have been dug about, but ne’er a sighting there has been of this lout.
It has been said of this being, that it has claws of a djinn, has teeth like a basilisk and velvet-like skin.
In the night time it travels both here and there, but of the Tibuki there is never a hair.
The only thing that can tell you where the Tibuki is at, is the sight of his herald, a little black cat.

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