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My Journey – Part 2

Continued from Part 1… I kept myself occupied with numerous visits to the toilet or a wander along the corridor. What I really wanted was to tell everyone about this journey I was on, I thought they might realise that I was a budding train driver. But all the passengers were either reading newspapers or… Continue reading My Journey – Part 2

Training Toffee – Part Two

Continued from part one... We broke down problems into tiny parts and solved them one at a time and spent months breaking the associations Toffee already had with her tack for new good ones. That first year was a horror of diving into hedges, going sideways, dodging bites and waving legs. Toffee hated being ‘told’… Continue reading Training Toffee – Part Two

Oh Deer! Part 2 of 2

Continues... The grass was missing from an area about five feet either side of the animal where the antlers had gouged the earth for who knows how long. Steam rose from its body and mixed with the mist rising from the rest of the field. There was soil and grass all over the deer and… Continue reading Oh Deer! Part 2 of 2

My Journey – Part 1

This multi-part serial captures the true adventures of a lad on the steam railway in the 1950s. This was to be the most exciting /nerve wracking day of my life. I had left home around about seven A.M on a Cumberland bus, and was impatiently waiting for the next leg of my trip. Having asked no… Continue reading My Journey – Part 1

The Loon Report – Tales from the sanctuary

Our pieces so far on the Penny Papers have been old archive stories, this is a more recent piece from events of this week! Living and working on a wildlife sanctuary has its perks. It has a lot of shit that goes with the job too, such as 11pm finishes followed by 4am starts, having… Continue reading The Loon Report – Tales from the sanctuary

Sirens – Tales from the Sanctuary

At first the lights and the siren were miles away, getting closer and closer as if coming down a long tunnel. Imagine the shock to be awakened from this very deep sleep with the bedroom awash with bright lights and the occasional blast from a siren. It was like something from Alien-or worse! After scrabbling… Continue reading Sirens – Tales from the Sanctuary